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Acquisition of family business in Turku. The Koivisto family sold Turun Mestaripalvi Oy to Antti and Emilia Lunden

Mestaripalvi of Turku has been owned by the Koivisto family throughout its history. Company was founded by Pentti Koivisto in 1995. Now the Koivisto family has decided to give up ownership of Turku Mestaripalvi.

Over the years, Turun Mestaripalvi has developed into a versatile meat company, whose two main pillars of operation have been own production and the use of only Finnish meat grown and slaughtered in nearby areas. All products are manufactured in the company's own factory in Turku and mostly also sold from the company's own factory store on site.

"Our fathers used to do business with each other, so I've known the Koivisto family for a long time. At the end of the summer, we started discussing possible cooperation and options. It was noticed very quickly that we shared similar values ​​and ideas. My wife Emilia and I are very enthusiastic, but at the same time humble, to continue the activities of Turun Mestaripalvi. Mestaripalvi's success in history has been based on high-quality products and very good customer service.

We definitely intend to continue on this path," says Antti Lundén, the future merchant of Mestaripalvi.

Lundenin Liha, led by Antti Lundén, will also continue to operate as usual under its own name in Turku's shopping hall. In the future, of course, in close cooperation with Turun Mestaripalvi.

"In the future, the intention is for Lunden's Meat to make use of Mestaripalvi's versatile factory and start selling Mestaripalvi's products in the Turku's market hall as well. There is no way we can fit the entire Mestaripalvi's wide selection on the hall's counter, but in the future customers can also order Mestaripalvi's products to be picked up from the hall. Lunden's Meat, on the other hand, has been strongly involved in the game meat side. We will certainly develop this aspect in the future also for Mestaripalvi", continues Antti Lundén.

"We feel great longing to give up ownership of Turun Mestaripalvi. Our family has been trading in the meat industry for more than 120 years, a long and eventful era ends here. However, we are happy to say that the new entrepreneurs have a similar entrepreneurial family history. It is of the utmost importance to us that our competent and committed personnel will continue to be piloted and served by people whom we trust and believe in. That is why we are happy for Emilia and Antti that Mestaripalvi will have good new leaders who share very similar values ​​to us and are committed to taking care of Mestaripalvi in ​​the long term. As a group, we have agreed that we will continue to support and help Emilia and Antti as long as there is a need", say Koivisto's sisters Saija, Sari, Timo and Johanna.

Turun Mestaripalvi Oy is a family business founded in 1995 in Turku. Company's business is the manufacture and sale of high-quality meat products and ready meals. All products are made from Finnish meat in our own factory. Turun Mestaripalvi employs approx. 20 professionals in the food industry and the turnover is approx. 4.5 million euros.

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