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A Finnish small and medium-sized company combines moderate risk with an interesting return expectation

Why invest in SMEs?

Listed shares, funds, homes and properties offer variable profits and little opportunity to affect their success or decisions. Finnish growth or acquisition-phase SMEs are a fantastic investment. They usually offer greater profits than traditional investment markets and a far more moderate level of risk than a startup. As an investor, you have the opportunity to acquire a major share in a company and be an active participant in decision-making, and thus in the company's growth and profit. Depending on the timing, this is referred to as either growth investing or acquisition investing.

Growth investing

The company is growing and the time for sale is not until later. As an investor coming aboard you can bring not just your money to the table, but your expertise too. The owners work together to increase the value of the company with these resources, and this work may be realised in the future in, for example, a significantly higher price when selling.

Acquisition investing

A buyer with an interest in continuing the company's operations has been found, but either does not want or is unable to bear the risk of financing alone. As a financier, you can enable a successful acquisition and gain an operations expert to ensure the company's growth. The expert registry of Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy includes a broad group of professionals from many fields who are searching for the right company to invest in with the right financier.

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